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Back to the future with reconstructed Da Vinci machines

Back to the future with reconstructed Da Vinci machines

“Da Vinci: The Genius,” the traveling exhibit currently at the Arizona Science Center, is a comprehensive look at the imaginative output of the most lauded and mysterious figure of the Renaissance. Most people know that Leonardo Da Vinci’s talents encompassed not only the arts (painting, sculpture and architecture) but also the sciences (astronomy, mathematics and engineering). This exhibit has found a way to display the immensity of Da Vinci’s creative vision.

The international team of Grande Exhibitions have assembled an exhibit that includes life-size mechanical inventions re-created from Da Vinci’s notebooks – a helicopter, a bicycle, a parachute, a tank and a submarine. Large, interactive screens allow visitors to comprehend Da Vinci’s understanding of anatomy and military strategy. A high-definition facsimile of The Last Supper has recently been added to the display of artworks accompanied by animated interpretative guides.

Audio-tours are available in Spanish. 

When: runs through June 9; 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily

Where: 600 E. Washington St., Phoenix 85004

Cost (non-members): Adults, $26.95; Seniors, $22.95; Children (under 18), $8

Cost (members): Adults, $ 10; Children, $ 8

More info: azscience.org/exhibits_activities/exhibit/da_vinci_the_genius; 602-716-2000  

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