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Iconic Arizona

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Canyon de Chelly National Monument, from White House Overlook, Arizona, 1942. Ansel Adams Archive/Purchase © The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust Collection Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona. Image courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum

As Arizona gears up for the state’s centennial, Phoenix Art Museum starts the celebrations with a dazzling photography exhibition. 

For decades, photographers have flocked to Arizona to document the state’s stunning vistas, unique natural wonders and striking saguaros. Iconic Arizona: Celebrating the Centennial with Photographs from the Center for Creative Photography, opening November 12, provides a visual tour of the places and landmarks that make Arizona unique.  

Pulled from the Center for Creative Photography’s vast archives, this striking exhibition visits 13 different sights, including the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Monument Valley, through the lens of 40 noteworthy photographers. Highlights include works by the center’s most beloved photographers such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Aaron Siskind, as well as images from Arizona photographers David Muench, Dick Arentz and John Schafer.    

In conjunction with Iconic Arizona, the museum is inviting Arizona lovers to submit their favorite sunsets, landmarks, street scenes, state parks or any other subject that answers the question, “What’s your iconic Arizona?” Beginning November 1, 2011, the public is encouraged to upload images at phxart.org/iconicaz. Photographs will be included in a digital slideshow in the Norton Photography Gallery and online at the exhibition-dedicated website.  

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