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Disney’s Frankenweenie premieres this month. Above, a young Victor experimenting on Sparky. Courtesy of Disney

The latest cinematic iteration of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein hits the big screen this month –  just in time for Halloween (and día de los muertos). Frankenweenie, Tim Burton’s much anticipated, stop-motion animated film, was rendered in 3-D and filmed in black and white, inspired by early 20th century horror flicks. 

The family feature tells the story of Victor who, bereaved by the passing of his pet dog, resorts to science to bring him back from the dead. Among the many talented animators behind this project are Matias Liebrecht (Brazil), Cesar Diaz Melendez and Valin Marcos (Spain). The voice cast includes Martin Landau, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short and Winona Ryder. 

Check out the trailers and learn more about the production at disney.go.com/frankenweenie

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