Robrt L. Pela

Ride the White Goat

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ToiletpapierThere’s an impolite comment to be made, we are sure, about using office memos as toilet paper. But, don’t tell it to White Goat, a newish miracle worker from Japanese-based Oriental Co., Ltd. 

The machine – no kidding – makes tight, white rolls of toilet paper out of old TPS reports and color graph printouts.

The appliance’s built-in shredder first slices, then pulps, the paperwork before adding water, drying and rolling the former refuse into something more serviceable than old-fashioned landfill.

While on-line user commentary about the paper’s efficacy and softness have been, er, harsh, there’s no denying that the machine’s got a future. While it takes upwards of half an hour to produce a single roll, office workers will almost certainly embrace the opportunity to use their most recent performance review as toilet paper. 

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