Robrt L. Pela

Gray Liberation

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GoAwayGrayBottleImageIt’s a drag, getting old. One of the worst things about having a shelf-life is that no one reading this paragraph will live long enough to see a world where a single pill can slow the aging process.

Largely. Because, while no such medicine currently exists, recent breakthroughs in aesthetic science are allowing the more vain among us to banish grey hair by popping a pill.

“It’s absolutely one hundred percent safe,” insists Cathy Beggan, president of Rise-N-Shine, LLC, and founder of Go Away Gray, a just-launched hair-coloring agent that one swallows with a swig of water.

Beggan says that the secret ingredient in her magic pill is an enzyme called catalase, which counteracts the body’s natural production of hydrogen peroxide. “Our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide, which bleaches our hair from the inside out,” she says. “Our bodies also produce an enzyme called catalase that breaks down the hydrogen peroxide. When we don’t produce enough catalase, the hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down. As a result, hair is bleached from the inside out, turning it gray.”

Go Away Gray, Beggan swears, puts the catalase back into our systems and busts up the production of peroxide, halting the graying process and allowing natural hair color to return. The product, which has yet to receive a wide distribution, does away with the use of hair-dying chemicals that are potentially harmful to both the user’s skin and the environment, since dyes get washed into waterways and groundwater aquifers, creating possible environmental risks.

The FDA hasn’t weighed in yet on Go Away Gray’s efficacy. While we wait to hear about possible side effects of gobbling catalase twice a day, we can only imagine what Miss Clairol has to say. 

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