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Estoy tomado

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Photo by Jorge Quintero

There’s a newish phrase in the American lexicon: “Is there an app for that?” And now, when someone asks if there is a cell phone application for determining whether Latinos are drunk or not, the answer is “Yes. There’s an app for that.”

No, really. Based on R U Buzzed, an English language iPhone app released in late 2009, the just-launched Estás Tomado? is a Spanish-language version of the app sponsored by the Colorado Department of Transportation and targeted to the Android market. Tomado allows imbibing users to, in either English or Spanish, calculate their own blood alcohol level, presumably so that they can then choose between driving themselves home or grabbing a ride with a friend. By entering their weight, gender, time they started drinking and number of drinks they’ve consumed (hic!), Android users can discover exactly how loaded they are at any given moment.

The app, which has been downloaded close to a quarter of a million times since its release last month, even doles out advice, suggesting that tipsy drinkers call a cab and even offers to dial the number for a local taxi service.

CDOT offers the service, according to its website, to help laypeople understand how few drinks it takes to pass the legal blood alcohol level in Colorado. The app is part of the department’s ongoing attempt to curb the number of deaths in auto accidents. Last year, 80 Latinos died in traffic accidents in the state and about a quarter of those were drivers who’d been drinking.

One can’t help but wonder how long it will be before there’s an app that provides common sense to those who need it.    

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