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Bag fix

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Valley of the Dolls fans, take note: the high-end French shoe and bag designer, Christian Louboutin, has premiered a new purse shaped like a giant barbiturate. And it only costs seven thousand dollars!

Talk about designer drugs! The “Pilule Bag” looks like nothing so much as a giant red-and-black vinyl sleeping pill – it’s even marked “500 mg” on one side. The small, newish purse, which is part of the “Capsule Collection” that also includes a similar blue-and-white bag with a red satin interior, is a clutch made of resin and hangs from a long gold chain. Trashed by comedian, Joan Rivers, on her Fashion Police program, the Pilule has been sported thus far only by people who can afford it, people like singer and actress, Katy Perry, and Absolutely Fabulous star, Joanna Lumley, who almost certainly had to be kidding when she chose this particular handbag.

Fashion critics have complained that the clutch’s wee size makes its price point seem heftier, but it’s unlikely that the audience for this diminutive pocketbook cares what it costs. The purse debuted in late February in runway shows in Paris and Milan, and has sold briskly to people who think nothing of dropping four figures for a fashion accessory.

So far, prescription chic shows no signs of taking over the bags-and-shoes division of any of the more affordable couture lines in the U.S. Still, it does make one wonder how long before runways see a hat like a giant aspirin tablet? Before supermodels start turning up in shoes shaped like colossal cough drops?

Time will tell. 

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