¿Será Posible?

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1. Worst. Bathrooms. Ever.

Why is it, we ask you, that the public restrooms at Encanto Park in Phoenix are by far some of the filthiest, most-neglected such facilities in the valley? We’re not talking your run-of-the-mill dirty stall with a slightly-damp floor. We’re talking toilet bowls overflowing with raw sewage, urinals with – How do we say? – solids in them. It could be that the 220-acre park at 15th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard is generally very crowded on the weekends. But lots of parks are crowded on weekends, no? And most of them do not have the foul volcanoes of filth that are the toilets at Encanto Park. Is it because Latinos tend to use the park? No, we’re not saying we’re dirtier than others. We’re suggesting – just suggesting – that someone, somewhere, might not think it is vital to provide us with the same sanitary restrooms provided at parks in wealthier, whiter neighborhoods. Hmm…

2. Idiota educators continue to assume we’re not smart.

Latino children continue to be grossly overlooked when it comes to recognizing giftedness in Arizona’s public schools, according to a study by the Council for Exceptional Children. Giftedness occurs at the same rate in all populations, regardless of race, ethnicity or national origin. Yet only 0.14 percent of kids in the Arizona’s gifted programs are from a language minority group, a number far lower than their percentage of the school population. Meanwhile, it is estimated that less than half of all English-dominant gifted Latino kids are being recognized by their schools. According to experts, gifted children whose academic and emotional needs are not met are at much higher risk for suicide, dropping out, and a host of other problems. Hmm…

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