Twin creators with inner vision

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This month’s featured artists, photographer Maria Marta Giménez and Laura Peralta, a Dance Movement Therapy instructor, are combining DMT, photography, and psychology to help people tap into their inner selves.

The creative duo says they’ve created a unique personal growth process that helps people live, as Oprah would say, “Their best lives now.” They call their art – which involves three sessions: two in a counseling setting and one in the photo studio – Inner Portraits.

The business partners, both of whom moved from Argentina to Phoenix, had this to say about their collaboration.

What exactly are Inner Portraits?

G&P: Inner Portrait is a unique technique that rescues forgotten, unexplored parts of each one of us … Self-esteem is the first level to receive a huge impact … This integration helps the person to refocus their life, to find, or end a relationship, or to take challenges that they wouldn’t have imagined before.

The pictures of your studio prominently display some wild wigs. What are those about?

G&P: We ask the participant for some props, and we have all sorts of them in the studio; we use anything that will help the person connect and give voice and presence to the part.

What three words would you use to describe the arts scene in the Valley?

G&P: Very good level, conservatory, and without enough media exposure and support … We haven’t seen much of “out-of-the-box” art. Coming from Buenos Aires where art is part of our lives, it is something that we miss. Dance and opera seasons are too short, although the music scene is more extensive and for all tastes.

Maria Marta, of all the photography you do, what subject do you enjoy the most? Why does it speak to you?

Maria: Lights and shadows seduce me in black-and-white or color — how they define the body or the face is irresistible to me. A ray of light through a thick cloud that finds a valley can be as attractive to me as one that penetrates a window to brighten a naked body or a child. Everything has a meaning and beauty through light … Each (Inner Portrait) represents a personal experience that comes from the depth of the soul and each person blooms like a flower in front of my eyes.

Laura, how would you describe your class “Holistic Counseling through Dance Movement Therapy and Arts” to someone?

Laura: This class has a holistic view of the human being. It includes and furthers the integration and congruency between body movement, thoughts, emotions and the expression of them in our daily lives. We use art in all its forms: writing, drawing, painting, moving, music, and dancing to help the person express and understand themselves … Through movement we transform a negative emotion into a positive one.

How does your art both on an individual level and on a partnership level reflect who you are?

G&P: Both of us have a creative stream, we are open-minded and believe that we are never done. Maria and I share a passion for inner and outer beauty and balance. Inner Portrait requires these qualities and, being patient, loving and respectful.

I noticed that you two do a lot of work for Hispanic publications. Is promoting la cultura something that is important to you? Why or why not?

G&P: It is. Both of us know by experience what deep changes a trans-culturalization process involves. We want always to offer the best information and support of those going through the same life-changing events. Maintaining the language and offering our services in Spanish brings all of us together.

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