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Sharing Her Passion

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Next performance: Annual Brazos Abiertos Benefit Show, June 28, 2010, Pinnacle High School Auditorium, 3535 E. Mayo Boulevard in Phoenix.

Originally from … Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I am a U.S.A. citizen and have been a resident of Arizona since 1984.

Dancing since … I was a young child.  By the age of 16, I was dancing professionally with Jose Luis Esparza’s Flamenco Company.

Personal Influences: Jose Luis Esparza, Luisa Triana, Ketty Clavijo, and Mario Maya in flamenco; Ana Rosa Navarro and Zamarripa in Mexican folk dance, and Glenda Folk, Arthur Duncan, and Charles Goddertz in tap.

Who would you like to perform with? Omayra Amaya. She is a powerful and incredible flamenco dancer; such an inspiration. Also Arthur Duncan. I have had the pleasure of taping with him and he always inspires my choreography.

What inspired you to establish Alma Performing Arts? My love for dance and my passion for teaching. Dance is a universal human expression; it is a language that is familiar to everyone, where culture or background does not matter. Our goal is to provide culturally diverse artistic education by professional teachers, where students are given the opportunity to become involved with their community by sharing their art of dance in a professional environment.

Should dancers have some kind of musical training? I think it can be very helpful. When a dancer understands the music, she or he dances with it rather than around it.

Do you encourage your students to learn other styles of dance? We offer flamenco, Mexican folk dance, ballet, tap, and jazz, but I certainly encourage my students to take all types of dance, especially ballet, since it establishes the base for every form of dance.

Other passions: I am involved as a cofounder with an organization called Brazos Abiertos. This organization is committed to help children in need, so Alma Performing Arts puts on a yearly performance to collect funds to benefit this organization. Also, every year during Christmas we perform in De Colores, a shelter for abused women and children.

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