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Precious and proud

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Born in … Fresnillo, Zacatecas, México

In Arizona since … 2000

Creating art since … I was introduced to art in high school in my sophomore year. I fell in love with art the minute I started drawing.

Describe your art: Contemporary, geometrical, abstract art created with acrylic paint. Acrylic is a very hard medium. It dries so fast. I must work quickly. But I definitely detest watercolors.

Favorite work of art: None in particular, but I really like Matisse’s Dance – maybe because I love music and dancing. Elizabeth Murray’s Bop is just an incredible piece of work. I love the shapes, the colors and the whole complex dynamic of it. Very childish, but you know a child cannot do this.

What do you see as your art legacy? My shaped paintings. I think they are very unique. I hope people will look at them as something precious in the future. However, I think my repetitive patterns and my paintings of silhouettes will be something people will look at, too.

Work of art that best describes you: PLAY MUSIK NOW and yes, music with a “K.” I’m always listening to music on my Zune (MP3 player), even when I’m painting. That painting means a lot to me. It’s me, basically!

Current projects: I just had a solo exhibition, THE GAY IS OUT!, at Dolce Espresso Café. I also was part of the 2011 Exotic/Erotic Art Show at the Alwun House. My piece entitled 69 won an award as one of the best paintings in the show. Five of my artworks were up for auction at First Studio in downtown Phoenix in April. The goal was to collect funds for an artist friend whose husband just passed away in March. I’m currently preparing for my next solo show that will be in 2012 and launching some prints of my work on society6.com. The shop will be ready soon!

For more about Julio and his work: www.juliorodarte.com

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