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On a path

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Monica Robles

Born on March 4, 1978, Mexican-Americanartist Monica Robles grew up in Somerton, Arizona.As a child, she taught herself to sketch by copying photos from her parents’ magazines. In high school, she threw herself into studying advanced math.

It was while attending the University of Arizona that she returned to art, where she studied graphic design, painting and photography and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Arts in 2005.

Noteworthy: I had my first show in Tucson in 2003. I’ve shown at the Paper Heart Gallery, Produce Gallery and Kitchen Sink Studios, all in Phoenix, and at various smaller galleries throughout the Valley. While working at Wespac Construction, I designed an extensive festival media kit for the McDowell Mountain Music Festival that garnered the August 2008 Oddy Award as most innovative and unique media kit.

Artistic style: I go from painting to graphic design to photography – I usually like to mix them all together. I like to describe my work as vibrant and textured and full of life. I feel all my work has a different dimension to it no matter how you look at it!

Eastern State Penitentiary, 2010. Image courtesy of the artist

Last show: I just had an exhibit of my Collective Photo Art Series at Kitchen Sink Studios; it ended in May. This series contains images from different city streets. Through contextual photographs of building exteriors, montages of street art and other mixed-media work, I invite the viewer to reassess notions about texture and two-dimensional art.

El futuro: I want to continue on my path of art, design and photography, and have my name and work out there in the Latino community.

See more at … www.monica-robles.com.

Artwork from Caution Series, 2009

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