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Images courtesy of the artist

Tell us about you: I am 20 years old and have three older sisters, one who influenced me to get into art to begin with. Seeing her paint was inspiring! So I started taking art classes in high school. I have not stopped since. I have always kept to myself and am a quiet person in general. I spend a lot of time looking at objects and my surroundings trying to figure out how I could put what I see on canvas or paper. 

Highlights: I have participated in several art shows in downtown galleries and in galleries in my high school. I’ve earned several certificates and awards including the Outstanding AP (Advanced Placement) Art Student of the Year. I’ve created brochures and won contests for Academic Convention. All throughout school, there wasn’t one day one of my pieces wasn’t hanging in the front office.

Education and training: I started my sophomore year of high school taking a general art class and in my junior year, I was introduced to actual drawing and painting. Then my teacher asked me to join the AP studio art class, so I took the challenge and took digital photography, advanced drawing and painting, and the AP studio art class. My days were spent drawing and painting at least seven if not more hours a day. I will continue taking classes in college to grow and learn more!

Favorite artist: My inspiration is Salvador Dali. He was an amazing artist. His surreal pieces have influenced me to someday create artwork as unique as his. 

Art genre that best describes you: I would have to say surrealism best describes my mind. I find myself thinking of everything in a different, more surreal way. I’m always finding ways to twist objects and make them something there not. I’m fascinated with the idea that there aren’t any rules in painting. I can think of anything and it’s possible to paint it! 

Your artistic future: Art is my escape. When I paint, I am in a different world. I would never want it to feel like a job. I want to grow into all styles, so I will continue to go to school and learn more.  

Website: ernie-draw-paint.blogspot.com

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