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Inspired by beating the odds

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Kerin Martinez playing the role of Beatriz in the 2010 ASU production of <em>26 Miles.</em> Photos courtesy of ASU

Originally from: I was born in Miami, Arizona, while my mother was visiting family there. I lived in many parts of the Phoenix metro area during my childhood, but ultimately call Tempe home. 

In Arizona since: My family has been in Arizona for five generations.    

Education: I graduated from Marcos de Niza High School in 2009, and I am currently a junior at Arizona State University. I will receive my B.A. in Theater from the Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts in May, 2013. 

Who or what influenced your decision to pursue an acting career? I was 13 years old when I fell in love with the theater. It happened during the first play I was in, a junior high production of The Music Man. When the curtain dropped after the opening night performance, I knew without a doubt that I would spend my life on the stage. Throughout high school, my choir and drama teachers at Marcos de Niza High School nurtured this passion and pushed me to believe in the power of theater. They encouraged me to follow my heart despite my fears and doubts. I have them to thank for the courage to pursue what I love. 

An artist you want to meet: I would love to meet and work with Carol Burnett. My favorite kind of work is comedy, and Burnett is a comic genius! 

Current projects: I try to tackle only one project at a time during the semester. Right now, I am focused on American Victory (about Olympic wrestler Henry Cejudo) in which I perform the role of Henry’s mother, Nelly Rico. I am honored to be the first to portray this woman who has not only survived back-breaking hardships, but triumphed despite the odds. It is not difficult to identify with this character, having watched my own mother struggle as a single mom. She has overcome many hurdles similar to Ms. Rico’s and has served as a great inspiration to me in creating this character. 

Next professional goal? I am currently in the process of applying for an internship with Teatro Luna, Chicago’s all-Latina theater company. I hope to spend the fall semester in Chicago gaining experience with a nonprofit theater company, and then return to Arizona in the spring to graduate from ASU.

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