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Alexander Sanchez and model; 2012 collection

How did you become interested in fashion design? I first became interested in fashion while attending the New School for the Arts and Academics (NSAA) in Tempe. It is an environment where creativity is encouraged. I have always been interested in many different art forms, but fashion is where I have found my passion.

Education and training: My training has been in the fashion classes at NSAA with instructor Martha Pena. I have also taken sewing classes at a local bridal shop. I have been blessed to have the support of so many people who have helped to create opportunities for me to reach my potential. I have shown several collections at fashion shows organized at NSAA.

Describe your designing process: I become inspired by many things that are often quite random. I have been known to sit, sketch and design for hours. After a design concept is completed, I begin the design with muslin fabric to create the pattern for the fabric I will use to complete the design. It sounds simple enough, however, it is quite an involved process to create a quality garment. There are always a few butterflies in my stomach when I present a garment to the public for the first time.

Influences, inspiration for your latest collection: I am currently inspired by returning to the glamour of old Hollywood with a modern touch for today’s women.

A fashion designer you want to meet? The designer I would like most to meet, at this point in my career, is Karl Lagerfeld. I would love to sit down with him and get his insider’s perspective on his amazing journey through the fashion world. He is so accomplished and creative, and has definitely left his mark on fashion.

Future plans and professional goals? My goal is to continue designing and to create a career for myself dressing women and making them feel beautiful. I am planning to attend the FIT program in Milan, Italy, to study couture design after I graduate from high school at NSAA. I look forward to showing my creations at the New York and Paris fashion weeks.

Website: alexandersanchezdesigns.com

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