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Gift of Music

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Esli Carrillo plays the flute.

Rosie’s House

Mission: To provide underserved youth of Greater Phoenix with the gift of music, which enhances their daily lives by providing direction, stability and tools for future success. (There is no charge for the children).

Get Involved: Rosie’s House is a nonprofit organization, and funding is obtained through grants, donations, sponsorships, fundraisers and in-kind gifts. You can also volunteer your time. For more information, visit www.rosieshouse.org or call 602-252-8475.

What kids have to say

Paula Alejandro, 15, piano student: “Music is important to my life because it’s a part of me. I could never imagine my life without music and I do believe I will keep playing [forever]. It’s a part of me as much as eating and sleeping is. It has given me important accomplishments such as discipline and self-control. My hope for the future is to be a nurse, and music has helped because it has given me patience and an attentive heart. I will continue to play piano and it will always be in my life.”

Karina Rodriguez, 18,  alumni guitar student: “ My most memorable Rosie’s House moment was when there was one big recital in which I played four times: a violin solo, in the orchestra, a guitar solo and with the guitar quartet. I really enjoyed being a part of that recital.”

Rosie’s House dreams come true:

From left: Annalee Ramirez, Abigail Ramirez, Rachel Masch, Stephen Dixon

Diana Solorio spent several years learning to master the flute at Rosie’s House. Her dream, now realized, was to attend Stanford University on an academic scholarship. The mentorship of her music teacher was crucial in achieving this dream.

Chaz Salazar, a flute student, had the opportunity to perform on From the Top in March 2009. From the Top is a nationally syndicated radio show that features young musicians. You can listen to the performance online at www.fromthetop.org. Chaz also received the $10,000 Jack Kent Cooke Young Artists Award.

The final word:
“We believe that through teaching our students music, we are teaching them to be successful in life. Music utilizes the brain in a very unique way, and we know that the positive benefits of learning music extend to every part of our student’s character. At Rosie’s House we are creating music and changing lives. Rosie’s House is dedicated to providing a high-quality music education program to students that would not be able to afford this opportunity. We will continue to provide free music lessons and instruments to our Valley’s children.”
– Becky Bell Executive Director

Young Musicians step into Spotlight
Rosie’s House students perform for patients, visitors and staff at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center monthly.  These performances help to enhance the healing environment here in the hospital.  Most importantly, these performances give students a chance to share their talents with others and to witness firsthand how music adds beauty to life, a core value of Rosie’s House.
– Tracy Leonard-Warner, MT-BC, Music Therapy Coordinator & Internship Director at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center

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