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Cultural observations

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Anguish, Sandía Vendor. Photography by Gina Santi

Originally from: Caracas, Venezuela

In Arizona since: 1981

Describe your style: I call my style “ethnographic” photography, because just like any ethnography, portraying people in their everyday lives and activities, in their fullest possible context, helps them be best understood. My background in cultural anthropology has tremendously influenced the way I do photography.

Favorite photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt’s 1945 photograph of a marine kissing a nurse in Times Square amidst hundreds of people celebrating Japan’s surrender and the end of World War II. This is such a refreshing photo! It captures the euphoria of the moment so perfectly that it has become an icon in American history!

Photographer you want to meet: Annie Leibovitz, definitely. She has an unrivaled talent to capture the core psyche of the people she photographs.

Procession Arriving, Granada. Photography by Gina Santi

Upcoming exhibits: My next exhibit is at the Tempe Public Library, opening in October. I will also participate in the Celebraciones de La Gente at the Museum of Northern Arizona, the Heard Museum Spanish Market, and the Día de los Muertos celebrations at the Phoenix Botanical Garden and in Chandler – all in October and November.

Advice for budding photographers: Many books can be found in libraries and bookstores. Choose one that suits your style and use it as a starting point. A short course is also very useful to help you learn the basics and decide which path you would like to follow. Afterwards, there are no limits to what you can accomplish!


Henequen Workers, Yucatan. Photography by Gina Santi

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