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Children’s author promotes traditional culture

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Originally from: Phoenix, Arizona 

Professional background: Certified financial planner, entrepreneur, community advocate, author  

Tell us about your new children’s book and why you decided to pursue this project? I was inspired by our family tradition of making tamales every Christmas season and I wanted to pay tribute to my parents. I wanted to share with everyone the process of making tamales and to have the reader embrace the beautiful Mexican culture, its traditions and the family experience that goes with it. It is a teaching guide to learning life principles – leadership, planning, team work and believing in yourself. Also, a wonderful story wraps around it that is entertaining and funny for children. The foreword is by Stella Pope Duarte and the vivid, original artwork is by one of Arizona’s premier Southwestern artists, Susan Klecka.  

Albert Monreal Quihuis

What were some of the challenges you encountered while preparing the manuscript? I thought it would be easy to write a children’s book, but the three years it took was quite a learning process, but most satisfying. You need to be dedicated to your project, but I learned that it’s okay to take a break.  

Advice to other aspiring writers? Since the release date, many people have come to me and said they have thought of writing about their life or family experiences. I encourage them to do so, and to not be afraid to write and rewrite (I rewrote Sofia seven times), to not be pushed into having a deadline. Follow your heart and you will know when your story is ready. Surround yourself with the people who want to see you complete your book with your story – the way you want it, so you can be proud of it.  

Website: winmarkcom.com/sofiastamales.htm

Educators interested in book presentations and classroom readings can contact the author at aquihuis@msn.com  

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