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Arte e hijas

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Images courtesy of the artist

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, Hugo Medina immigrated to New York as a child with his parents, who fostered his interest in art. As a college student, he volunteered to teach classes at a summer program on the Campo Kumeyaay Indian reservation in San Diego, California. This experience sparked his love of children and desire to give back to the community, so he decided to pursue a career in teaching. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from C.W Post/Long Island University in 1998 and master’s degree in education from University of Phoenix in 2006.

His fascination with the Southwest and a constant search for adventure brought Medina to Phoenix in 1998. He taught art while he designed custom metalwork and sculpture in his free time, and at one point took a three-year sabbatical to take care of his two daughters.

While he was a teacher, Medina started an after-school program to extend the arts beyond the classroom and to reach out to the community. He also created off-campus programs with the Scottsdale Arts District, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Arizona State University, Nelson Fine Arts Center, and the Cosanti Foundation, efforts that proved to be successful for all parties.

Medina combines a traditional with a modern technique: Grisaille and direct painting. He begins a painting with an idea, an image or concept, starting with the details, and then sits back “as the painting comes to life.” He’ll take it “as far as it wants to go, stopping often to stare at the canvas, visualizing all the possibilities, all the different directions or stories it wants to tell.”

Medina showed his work to the public for the first time at Barrio Café in 2009. Sabor! Guitarras, Cigarros y Tequila! was his first one-man show at First Studio for Art Detour just last month.

As much as he loved teaching, today Medina is focused on his art – and his two daughters. Here we share details of some of his artwork.

Learn more online: www.hugosart.com


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