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Angelic art

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About the artist

Name: Gennaro Garcia

Originally from: San Luis, Sonora, Mexico

In Arizona since: 1998

Mediums of choice: Oils and acrylics. “I use oils for my paintings on canvas but use acrylics for the crosses and the retablos.”

Creating art since: Kindergarten

The Virgin Mary is a common theme in the artist’s retablos. Photos courtesy of Gennaro Garcia

Describe your art and your style: “Religious iconic art.  I use plaster techniques I learned in Italy and paint in the colors from my childhood in Mexico. I use golds from my interest in Peruvian art. I enjoy creating Dia de los Muertos arte with my padre and retablos and cruces he carves for me. Being an artist, I like to create in different mediums and styles.”

Most difficult medium: “Watercolors. One mistake and you have to start again.”

Rich reds and cool blues dominate one of Garcia’s archangel retablos. Photos courtesy of Gennaro Garcia

Favorite work of art: “The Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. I spent more than three hours staring at it. It’s magical and the most beautiful creation on earth – besides my wife.”

Work of art for which you want to be remembered: “I’m still waiting for the opportunity to paint a church. That’s my dream.”

Artist(s) you want to meet: “Fernando Botero (Colombian figurative artist) and Sergio Roggerone (contemporary Argentine artist).”

Work of art that best describes you: “My archangels. I enjoy creating these pieces because they give me so much serenity; reminding me of each cathedral, church and mission I’ve been to in Mexico and Europe.”

Web site: www.artbygennaro.com

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