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Tania Radda’s inventive vessel forms exemplify her virtuosity as a wood artist as well as her sense of humor. Who Came First?, 8 x 8 x 16 inches, turned, carved and textured mixed woods, assembled and colored with pencils and dye. Photos courtesy of the artist

Originally from: Brazil, but living in Arizona since 1994

Education: I have a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Arizona State University in Wood Sculpture and a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Sculpture from ASU.

Background: I enjoyed the cartoonish quality of many sculptures and paintings I saw and started drawing cartoon figures at a very young age. It was easy to transition into sculpture and to incorporate fun and cartoon into the work.

Professional activities: I have a full-time studio. I produce my own work for galleries, commissions and national and international competitions. I also teach my craft to other wood artists and I am heavily involved with the woodturning community. I travel around the country teaching workshops to woodturning clubs and participating in symposia.

Keeping Plentiful, 5 1/2 x 25 x 11 inches, carved, textured mixed woods.

Résumé highlights: I received the Purchase Award (one of the Governor’s Annual Awards for the Arts) and was a Niche Award finalist for six years in a row, including this year. I was also the recipient of  a Purchase Award from the Slugger Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. I have had work featured in books, Teapots Makers and Collectors, by Dona Z. Meilach, andWood Art Today 2, published  by Schiffer Books, and in Phoenix Home and Garden magazine. I have work in the permanent collections of museums and prominent private collections.

Art genre/style: Eclectic: fantasy, surrealism, realism and naturalism

Medium of choice: Wood

Favorite works of art: Claes Oldenburg’s sculptures – all of them, and Ron Mueck’s absurd interpretations of people.

Current projects/exhibits: I’m working on a piece for a fundraising exhibit entitled Beyond Containment, for the Outreach Program of the American Association of Woodturners. I currently have work on display at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for their Arizona Centennial show, Arizona’s Valentine, and two pieces in Terminal 3. I am also showing at the Shemer Art Center in Phoenix.

Website: taniaradda.com

Blue Blossoms, 6x6x7in., basswood & maple, turned and carved, airbrushed with automotive paint.

Oriental Tea, 7x9x16 in., basswood & maple, turned, carved and textured.

Spring Training, 8x7x4 in., basswood & maple, turned and carved, airbrushed with automotive paint, found object (mitt) added.


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