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Fall Arts Preview

Losses 2, art quilt by Elaine Quehl
. Image courtesy of Elaine Quehl

The coming 2010-2011 arts season has in store a brilliantly diverse selection of all genres and media. Experience a classic or something new – why not?

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Joint statement


Joined at the hip? Or at the lip?  “Siamese” sentiments after U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton ruled to temporarily block parts of S.B. 1070

Art for all seasons


Autumn is almost here and so is the start of a diverse, eclectic and plentiful season of music, theatre, festivals and more

Free sperm with purchase; restrictions apply


Limited offer! Get your “doctorate” sperm while supplies last!

Hombres, lighten up. Literally, with Vaseline


And we thought tanning lotion was weird

Yukking it up at Latinos’ expense

Immigration Story

He was joking about Canadian “illegals.” Thanks for clarifying, Rep. Kavanagh

Lone lobo


Raul Grijalva won’t wimp out in the face of conservative criticism

Races to watch


Some are getting caliente and telenovela-esque



Maybe Wong should work for Immigration and Customs Enforcement instead

Sharing the pie

SRP headshots 002

Catherine would rather share the pie than fight for crumbs

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