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Virtual oasis

A view to the east from Talking Stick Resort, overlooking the golf course and the McDowell Mountains

Talking Stick Resort offers amenities beyond the usual

Pueblo Acoma: Sky City

Kiva ladders atop Acoma Pueblo at the Sky City Cultural Center. Photos courtesy of acoma  business enterprises.

San Esteban Feast Day is the best time to visit this sacred ground

Spring in Flagstaff


Not the best time to visit museums, but Mortimer still learned a few things along the way

These boots were made for shoppin’

A giant concrete boot, taunting me and my shopping mission along the main street of Cave Creek.

What does a guy have to do to find a cool pair of cowboy boots?

To the rescue


A tale of Glen Canyon Dam and a damsel in distress

Apache lands


A drive through the White Mountains

Mean street, USA


How a bad case of mistaken identity derails one man’s pride

Oh, Canada


Visit to our northern neighbor a trip worth remembering

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A road less traveled

San Esteban del Rey de Acoma Church has stood atop the Acoma mesa since construction began in 1630, Within its walls are the bodies of those Acomans who died building it.

As I-40’s blacktop floated across the rolling plains between Winslow and Albuquerque, crosswinds and semis buffeted my truck enough I had to white knuckle through a few stretches. I slowed down as one lazy trucker flirted with disaster. His trailer swayed dangerously close to jackknifing in the turbulence of a passing flatbed. It didn’t reassure […]

Gardens of earthly delights

Above, original education building of Boyce Thompson Arboretum, built in the 1920s.

Networking in the plant world a civilized alternative to computers, cell phones

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