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Sacred gifts


Los Tres Reyes magos celebrated the birth of Christ by bringing gifts

The thin line


There is a thin line that runs through the Latino culture that has nothing to do with real lines drawn by a pencil or pen. This is the invisible line that hovers between earthly life and spiritual life, so faint as to be almost imperceptible. Craving a conversation with a deceased relative is the same […]

The barefoot friar who changed the world


In the world of saints, one’s death date is more important than one’s birth date. St. Francis of Assisi, born sometime around 1181 or 1182 (actual date unknown) near Assisi, in what was then the Holy Roman Empire, is one of the most celebrated saints in church history today, something St. Francis himself would have […]

Discovering the “tigers within”


Love starts within or it doesn’t start at all

Where have all the children gone?


Living in fear of “La Migra”

Who are the “real Americans?”

Photo by Jorge Quintero

Native peoples were migratory, not immigrants

My father’s gifts


A desk and a typewriter; the best gifts ever

Love endures in poet’s words

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

A wise woman: Elizabeth Barret Browning

The debts we owe


Sooner or later, we all have to pay up

What did you give up for Lent?


What is it about suffering that is redemptive?

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