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I’d rather be in the Nile than in denial


Lola’s fed up with her I-can-do-anything attitude

On my wish(ful thinking) list: Magic chones


I’m not a runner, but like many Americans I’m constantly frazzled and running around during the workweek.  This sweatless “workxercise” can be strenuous, but lacks the benefits of real exercise. To make up for this, I’ve substituted my work chair with an exercise ball to strengthen my core, and I squeeze and release my buttocks […]

Yard-long churros and the fight against obesity


Not much of a fight at the Happiest Place on Earth

Aborigines and “ethnic” hair


Lola’s none too pleased with Sen. Scott Beason or telemarketer

Callista …. Mrs. Gingrich? …

I’m calling to tell you I think you are brilliant

Inspired to perspire


A message for Michelle Obama

Call it what it is, Quanell


Lola doesn’t get why Mr. X is focused on the accused in Texas rape case

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann …


A concerned call about breast-pump discrimination and tax deductions

Listen to me, sweet baby


She’s none too pleased with former ESPN announcer Ron Franklin

Lola’s New Year’s Resolutions


Help Lola come up with one more New Year’s resolution

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