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Courting wellness


The Affordable Healthcare Act needn’t make you sick

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Adopt-an-adaptive sport


Helping a disabled person achieve the same feelings of joy and accomplishment that meeting physical challenges brings

Route of the vine

Photo courtesy of Verde Valley Wine Trail

Fall is the season for road trips – and what more inviting destination than a vineyard!

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Kids with autism can catch up


Early intervention and culturally-competent medical care are paramount

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Avian avocation


Birdwatching combines relaxation, recreation and research

Not tonight, dear


Headaches can ruin your life; here’s how to stop them

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Costume Drama

Photo by Jorge Quintero

Sometimes, being yourself can be a bore

Crack me up


Once widely ridiculed as charlatans, chiropractors are now recognized as highly skilled healers

All’ unisono!


Choral singing – a satisfying outlet for vocal expression

Chillax to the max


‘Slack-tivities” for the torpor-inducing weather

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