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Meddling Mom premiere

Meddling Mom features a star-studded cast, including Ana Ayora (above)

Meddling Mom features a star-studded cast, including Ana Ayora (above)

The Hallmark Movie Channel is diversifying its telenovela-esque original programming! The 24-hour cable network will air the premiere of its latest Latino-centric, made-for-TV movie, Meddling Mom, on February 23, 2013 

(8 p.m.EST/PST, 7 p.m. CT). 

The film, directed by Patricia Cardoso (Real Women Have Curves), stars Sonia Braga (Angel Eyes) and Tony Plana (Desperate Housewives), and co-stars a long list of equally talented and attractive Latinos: Mercedes Renard (NCIS), Ana Ayora (Marley & Me), Saundra Santiago (The Sopranos), Rose Abdoo (Gilmore Girls), George Contreras (The O.C.,), Rafael Amaya (Ugly Betty) and Rob Mayes (Jane by Design).

Carmen Vega (Braga), a widowed mother of two adult daughters, can’t seem to mind her own business and stop interfering in her daughters’ lives (sound familiar?). Oblivious to the heavy atmosphere she creates, Carmen is about to get a crash course in butting out.

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