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Arts & Culture


Selena! Selena! »


Stars Dance World Tour coming to Phoenix

Flashlight Tours at DBG »

Photo by Adam Rodriguez, courtesy of Desert Botanical Garden

Explore the Desert Botanical Garden after dark

Ah … los tamales y las tortillas »

Art of food preparation offers life lessons to children. Book cover courtesy of the author

Albert Monreal Quihuis releases new book

World of word-craft »

Cano-Murillo’s latest novel combines fresh repartee, folksy philosophy and a free-wheeling approach to fashion

Kathy Cano-Murillo releases "Miss Scarlet's School of Patternless Sewing"

Interpretations of womanhood » Plastic unlimited » Música latina »

Rincón del Arte

Interview with David Henrie about the movie Little Boy »

Interview with David Henrie about his role in the upcoming film Little Boy. In theatres April 24.

¿Será Posible?




Every Latino can be a legislator »

All hands on deck: the legislative process concerns us all

Arizona’s telecommuting program »


Nationwide, over 3.1 million people work from home

Women at work »


Making the mark in top-flight jobs

New initiative for Latino entrepreneurs »


Clinton Global Initiative partners with CPLC to invest in local communities

It’s tax time »


It's tax season; you better wise up

Bilateral water pact restores delta and friendship »


The Colorado River Delta’s demise has turned the once-lush habitat into a large, dry mud flat

On the reservation » Six biggest lessons learned by small businesses »

Entrepreneur of the month

Moving Up

Health & Fitness


Total immersion »


Swimming in open water requires a specific skill set

How does your garden grow? »


Local sources can provide answers to all your gardening questions

Bocce renaissance »


A versatile, euro-style of bowling is experiencing a local revival

Salsa – the spice of life »


Wallflowers be advised: it’s just too much fun to sit out!

Fitness trends of 2012 »


Which will fizzle and which will sizzle in 2013?

Having “the talk” » Celebrations of giving »



An alarming trend »

One in four Hispanic teens abuse prescription drugs


Those who serve


Still a student after long service »

Wence M. Arevalo, Sergeant (SWAT), Glendale Police Department

Life of crime (fighting) »


Michele Blanco, Detective, Glendale Police Department

Leading lady »


Judy Manning, Lieutenant, Glendale Police Department

A unique role in the federal justice system »


Fidencio Rivera, U.S. Marshals Service-Arizona District

On call for all »

Campoy’s contribution to law enforcement – relaying critical info quickly and accurately

Lisa Campoy, police communication dispatcher, AZ Department of Public Safety

Arizona’s top guardsman » Honoring Those Who Serve 2012 » The nobility of policing »

Travel & Dining

Event Pictures

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    Arizona Latina Trailblazers 2013

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    Latina Trailblazers 2013 – Stories of Courage, Hope & Determination

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    Fifth Annual Salute Honoring Those Who Serve

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    LPM proud sponsor of Profiles of Success

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    LPM Anniversary Celebration

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    2012 LPM Entrepreneur Showcase

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    Arizona Latina Trailblazers 2012

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    Movin’ up 2012 Celebrating professional accomplishments

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  • CBS 5 News chief journalist Catherine Anaya and Phoenix City Manager David Cavazos

    Event pays tribute to Arizona’s brave

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    LPM 7th anniversary celebration

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    Event celebrates women and Arizona history

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    2011 Movin’ Up

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    2011 Entrepreneur Showcase

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    Those Who Serve 2010

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    LPM 6th Anniversary Celebration 2010

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    Arizona Latina Trailblazers 2010

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    LPM 5th Anniversary Celebration 2009

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    An Evening of Latino Art at Phoenix Art Museum

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